FOWC with Fandango: Trial

Street Musician 03.10 (2)

He did it as a trial to see if it would work
Taking his mothers wok, on is face he had a smirk
And then he used the hammer and battered on the steel
There were various dents, it was not for a meal
The music that he played was soothing to the ear
And so he made a record for everyone to hear
In the evening he went home looking forward to his dinner
But his mother had no wok and that was not a winner
He had not taken one wok but the other two as well
They were needed to collect money and showing the CD he would sell
The food was not so good and everyone was sad
But the next day he was discovered as a musician, which really was not bad
And now his idea was patented, he no longer sat on the street
He was earning millions, now that was really a treat
He bought his mother a new wok out of gold, it made her smile
She was proud of her son, and was glad he tried the trial

FOWC with Fandango: Trial

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