RDP Thursday: Brace


I just braced myself to write something but it has disappeared into the cyberworld on line. I lost the connection somewhere and was not prepared for such a catastrophe. My poem no longer exists, cannot be found. I spent an hour writing with intervals in between for a glass of mineral water and something sweet to eat. It looks like you are just left with the pit in our garden, full of air and darkness.

A gardener has just turned up to fill up the pit with earth, perhaps he might find my missing blog, but I do not think so.

My computer is possessed, I am absolutely sure
My poem is lost, oh what a bore
I wrote about a lady pushing her stabbed lover into a pit
Not such a great story and probably was not a hit
He climbed out of the depths after three days
The creatures of the night deserve no praise
Crept into her bed and took a bite of her neck
That was his kiss of love not a very nice peck
But all is well that ends well and now they are on fire
They go for walks hand in hand, being both a vampire

Or it was something like that. You have to be braced for everything when working on a computer.

RDP Thursday: Brace

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