10 thoughts on “Flower of the Day:04.09.2018 Another mystery flower

  1. I enjoy the photos even without names. This one is unknown to me. I was checking delphinium s this morning and fo u d a red one that looked similar to your last unknown. I never knew about a red delphinium.

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  2. Weigela! That is an exquisite specimen, with exquisite color. I do not know the cultivars. When I was in school, there were only a few. They were unpopular at the time, so not many cultivars were developed. However, in the past decade or so, they have been becoming popular again, and several modern cultivars have been developed. They are not my favorite, only because I prefer the more vigorous forsythia. However, forsythia is such an obnoxiously bright yellow, that weigela is a better option for those who prefer pinks and reds.


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