14 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 03.10.2018 Wild Flowers

        • Sorry for the delay. I am very behind. It looks like black and blue salvia, Salvia guarantica, but it is somewhat different. I do not know what specie or cultivars are available there.

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          • You are welcome.
            Stray or feral plants are sometimes slightly different from their parents. The most genetically basic sorts (that are more similar to plants as they would have been found in the wild) are the most genetically stable, so tend to be ‘true to type’, which simply means that the babies resemble the parents. Those that have been selectively bred are likely to revert to something that is more genetically stable, which might be slightly different from the parents. That is why my ‘Jewels Mix’ nasturtiums start out with such variety of yellows, oranges and reds, but after a few generations, revert to the simplest yellow and orange. (The yellow and orange happen to be my favorite anyway.)

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          • Tony–I am so happy to hear I was in the ballpark, so to speak, about this flower. I used to know all the names….sadly, no more. So glad you are back.

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          • I never knew all the names of the salvias. There are so many of them, and I tend to concentrate more on trees, shrubbery and vines. Salvias happen to be very popular her, and could even be more popular. They are so well suited to our climate.

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