RDP Tuesday: Contrast

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 30.09 (17)

Who would have thought it, Casanova once slept in this house
Horses trotted past, Lady Von Roll probably his spouse
He probably did not sleep, had other things to do
And the Lady Von Roll probably did them too
If he lived here today,, he would get a great surprise
People sitting on the steps, Harley Davidsons were the guys
A stage coach then passed through with the clipity clop of hooves
Something completely different no-one to disapprove
And now we heard brum brum, the bikes were on their way
I think it was a good thing that Casanova did not stay
But his ghost still haunts the street, only during the night
Casanova slept at daytime, his spirit was so white
What was that we heard, Casanova did not lack
Biking on the cobblestones with Lady Von Roll on the back
Even ghosts are looking on to see what was the blast
the lady held on tight, this was a new contrast
One of the Harley missed his machine, he found it in the gloom
was at the local cemetery, resting on a tomb

RDP Tuesday: Contrast

7 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Contrast

    • I remember watching that film some years ago. I think it was with Donald Sutherland who had his front teeth filed to fit the part in the film. All Fellini Films were strange but I loved Amarcord most of all. I had a work colleague, actually chief, whose origins were in the Italian province of Marche and Amarcord is the dialect expression of Mi ricordo (I remember).

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    • Casanova was credited with many affairs, but he did have a short one with Lady Von Roll. She was the member of one of our very rich families in the town at the time, and the house in the photo is known as the Von Roll house.

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