Good Morning


A little late, but I am here. It is cleaning lady day, but she arrived a little later because he car battery gave up. I also have the gardeners who are refurbishing my garden, so it is a bit of a stress morning. My No. 1 son is still in bed celebrating his week’s holiday: too much excitement for a golden oldie like me sometimes.

Back Garden

And here are the two gardeners.  They will be here daily until Friday, when the job should  be finished.

New Back Garden

They have cleared most of the beds already, just leave my apple trees and now they are beginning to remove my lawn. Of course I had to say goodbye to my wonderful rosemary which we growing into a tree, but the good stuff they have removed and put to one side to replant again afterwards. They have also collected my apples and I have them in a basket now.


I am sure my No. 1 son will be pleased as I told him he could collect them this week, but the gardeners have now done it for him. These are not all the apples, I have another bowl full on the table. Someone will be busy making apple tarts this week.

It is quite cool outside, but the sun is slowly arriving.  Mr. Swiss has gone into town for a few bits and pieces and I will now begin to cook lunch.

Removing the lawn

Isn’t it wonderful when you can just watch the others working? The lawn is now being removed piece by piece.

I will now go, just a quick one this morning. Have a good day everyone and have fun if possible, otherwise make the most of it.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. This is one of the two times of year that the people I work with must go through the neighborhood to read the water meters. They dislike the work because it is not part of their job. Yet, one makes a point of reading meters in a neighborhood that takes him to an abandoned apple tree that he takes the fruit from. We now have a few bags of fruit! There is another tree on a vacant parcel across the creek that is so old that my grandmother picked fruit from it about 1950. I will be going over there soon to get those apples. They are just pippins, but without anything better, they are quite excellent. I so miss the apples at the farm!

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