FOWC with Fandango: Hardware


I clank when I walk, I scrape and squeak
I am the bionic woman, I must be a freak
I have metal screws in bones to hold them together
Imagine how it is when we get damp weather
Perhaps they are rusting, no it is all Swiss steel
At the airport there is an alarm, they think I am there to kill
It is modern surgery that keeps my body complete
The bones are screwed together, not sure about the meat
In my arm I have fifteen screws and two in my knees
They removed the wire in my elbow: a metal striptease
They found a screw on the floor, what had I done to abuse
It is a hardware problem, I really have a screw loose

FOWC with Fandango: Hardware

5 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Hardware

  1. Yes, I too am a weird collection of miscellaneous body parts which are replacing other non-functioning body parts. On a positive note, we’re still alive. Every day, I count that as a genuine blessing. I’m just not sure who is doing the blessing. The medical community?

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    • I am supporting the Swiss steel industry. I have a wonderful collection of various screws and steel plates in my body, and on every x-ray you see little metal staples which they use to pin pieces together. I just have to be careful of magnets.

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  2. We had a dear friend who jokingly referred to his (then) future death by saying that he wasn’t sure to be accepted to be cremated. Such was the amount of metal/screws/poison/replacement parts in his poor body! Sadly, he was right! Luckily for him, he also couldn’t travel and didn’t have to go through any airport portals; he definitely would not have passed….. God rest his soul – his suffering is over.


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