RDP Monday: Spartan

HESO 2018 29.09 (6)

Spartans wore leather sandals and slept on a cushion of stone
At night they were in snow and ice and ate their meat from the bone
The spartans of today, they do the best they can,
Exercising all the time, they want to be a man
Leather sandals are old fashioned, now soles are pumped with air
Floating on the surface and so comfortable to wear
Of course in Sparta you made it yourself, a rawhide was enough
Today you order shoes online made of synthetic stuff
A leather thong skirt is also out, so as the Spartans wore
Today you have leggings of super stuff, although not fit for war
Price is no question, you need quality to win the final prize
Just choose your colour in stripes or stars, it is stretch and needs no size
Spartans today eat vitamin food, power, functional and macro
The winner takes it all and so you do not want to be in the back row
Being the best is not so cheap and you might have to get a loan
It is a question of fashion and style, no longer meat from the bone.

 RDP Monday: Spartan

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