RDP Sunday: Secrete

Road to Langendorf 06.12 (21)

Growing old is not so easy
No longer so agile, even wheezy
I got new code from the bank last week
But I cannot find it no matter where I seek
The bank tells me not to write it down
Someone might see it, but now I must frown
If it do not write it down, how can I remember
It was a new code, hope I find it by November
My iPad is telling me to construct an entry code
No way will I do it, less I forget the new mode
Life if full of codes and passwords all so bold
There is a big problem, I am getting old
So I made an offline list and put it on a stick
Not wanting it on the computer, it just needs a click
but now I have a problem, my list was so good
Where did I put it, not where I should
I have my secrete places that no-one should know
But cannot remember where they are, they are lying low
My mind is in a mist, I am living in a dream
Life is made of codes and passwords, it really makes me scream
And so I asked a friend, he did it all for me
Now I am 72 years old and he is twenty three
Brain cells die,  do not renew and we must not forget
so take a walk and enjoy life, it is not lost yet

RDP Sunday: Secrete

13 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Secrete

    • I have all my passwords and mails addresses I need on a stick and never on the computer. It has almost become religion that every time something new happens, it is recorded on my stick, and printed out. No matter what the experts say, it has to be done. I do not only have mine, but Mr. Swiss as well. He never seems to write them down where he finds them afterwards 🙂

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