FOWC with Fandango: Radical

HESO 2018 29.09 (9)

What could be more radical than a 72 year old golden oldie who travels by wheelchair since a year, with a camera to take photos almost daily. Not quite every day, it depends on the weather and rain does not mix with wheelchairs, at least not with mine. I like to have something to do. Reading the newspaper and watching TV is not my thing. I make an exception for a British television soap which is based on the East End of London, where my origins are, I also like a good cookery programme, but otherwise I get my news online on my iPad where I can combine it all with other useful stuff. Mr. Swiss likes to keep up with the political developments and I get a lot from him.

At the moment I am typing on my Apple Macbook in the living room whilst Mr. Swiss is watching one of his German soaps. It is Sunday early evening and there is a storm outside. I am now writing my third computer prompt of the afternoon. I also have regular challenges with photos that I like to do. Every morning I write a Good Morning blog, about this and that. I get up, prepare breakfast, fire up the computer and write. There are times when I really do not have a clue what I want to write, but somehow I find something.

I do not really want a planned life, things happen. When you no longer can do things you used to, you have to find another way, and I have found it. I do not have to do what I do but I want to. I have discovered the joy of writing, of photography and of nature. I am surrounded by trees, farms, and a river even runs through it and I like to explore and discover. I enjoy every moment of my day, no matter what I do. Even shopping can be an adventure, just look on the positive side of it. And there is always a book to read somewhere, on my Kindle. If it is electronic and cyber I am interested, and as long as the interest is there, I am OK with it.

I am lucky, how long I can do what I do I do not know, but life takes care of itself. It might be radical, but it is fun.

FOWC with Fandango: Radical

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