8 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 30.09.2018 Clematis

  1. Whenever I read the word “clematis” I have to think about a very inappropriate joke about a young man, who met his girlfriend’s mother the first time, being left alone with that (to him) frightening woman on her porch, he wanted to compliment her on that climbing flower at the wall. Shame he used the wrong word …

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      • Okay, I can top all o’ that, although offensive in a very different manner. I had a regular reader of my gardening column write in with concerns about a ‘ginger’ that had crept under the fence into her garden from the neighbor’s garden. She described how it had sneaked into the garden like their sort do – and that they are difficult to get rid of – and how aggressive they are – and how they multiply so prolifically – and that once they move in, ‘there goes the neighborhood’! She thought it would be best to just ‘kill it now before they took over’. The embarrassing part is that she misspelled ‘ginger’ by transposing the first ‘g’ and ‘n’! OH MY! Of course, I took great delight in forwarding it to Brent.

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