Friday RDP: Justice

Cows 27.09 (1)

Switzerland is a direct democracy. If there is something that disturbs, there is a special formula. Write it all down at the top and collect signatures below on the formula, a few thousand, perhaps 100,000, I really do not know because I have never collected signatures for voting.

We vote on a Sunday usually but can also do it by post, nice and comfortable from your own four walls. Mr. Swiss usually fills out the Ja’s and Nein’s and I sign. Of course not blindly. I have a look to see what we are voting for, but we generally agree or agree to disagree.

So why the cow. In Switzerland they also have a right. Look at their heads, do you see horns? Of course not. As soon as they are born the calf has the little stubs removed and does not even realise that one day horns should grow there. And so our female cows grow without horns. There is now a heifer rights movement and signatures have been collected.

Later this year we will all be voting for the right of the cows to keep their horns, to let them grow. Some farmers do not agree but the cows are complaining, mooing.

Cows 16 (2)

The ladies are firm. They find it is time for the heifer rights movement. If the bulls can keep them, why not the cows.  The idea behind removing the cow horns was because the cows could harm themselves, but they are peaceful creatures. The only time they fight is when a bull might have ideas and the cow does not agree, but now these “me too” days are over for the cows. They can defend themselves against any bull that might have ideas. They will be showing their horns.

And now the bulls are complaining. They are tired of the imitation cows at the breeding station, the want only real cows that breathe and are soft to the touch. Yes there are problems in Switzerland.

Justice for the female cows I say and I will be writing “Ja” when I vote.

Friday RDP: Justice

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