Good Morning

Misty Moning

If you have early mornings like this then it must be Autumn. It will be a sunny day and temperatures quite good, early twenties C are prophesized. Yesterday was a beautiful day and I went for a wheelie in my chair. I decided not to visit the town fair this time. You can have too much of a good thing, but took the back way into town.

Amthausplatz 26.09.2018

Swiss reform church is on the left, where my sons were christened, and on the right the so-called Muttiturm which also has a small theater inside. Blue skies were the order of the day, the wind had now subsided and it couldn’t be better.

Patrick Simonet 26.09 (2)

The weather was so good that even the workers were doing what they could outside. This is my No. 1 son who was busy paining a tank. I decided to wheel past his company to see what he was up to: working outside on a sunny day – what could be better?

Street Musician 26.09 (2)

It also seems to be the time for the street musicians. Whenever I visit the town, which is most days, there is always someone playing an instrument on the street. This guy was standing outside the local book store and was  quite a good guitar player,  singing as well. Even week days are interesting in our town.

Yesterday evening No. 2 son paid a visit to see how the old folks were fairing up and to give us a report on the development of my grandson who seems to be doing quite well. He is now independent, walking everywhere. It only seems like yesterday he was on the milk train. My son told me he is becoming quite a handful exploring the world around him.

I bought myself a new salad drier yesterday. No big deal, but the one I had was at least 30 years old. You know, the things that look like a plastic wash spinner. You wash the salad and put the leaves in the basket. The basket turns by means of a leaver and the water gets thrown out of the salad, which makes it nice and dry for mixing into the sauce. They used to be quite reasonable in price, but that was 30 years ago. I now seem to have a super model, although it is a well know Swiss product. The last one I had was about 15 Swiss francs, this cost me over 30, so it should be a good one. If this one lasts for the next 30 years who cares. I am now 71 years old so my sons and even grandson can inherit it. There seem to be some things in the household that grow old with you.

And now I should begin to explore my apartment to get a few things done. Life is not only blogging in the mornings. I have to set my priorities and I planned on cleaning out one of my kitchen cupboards today, time permitting, although time is not something that waits for me unfortunately.

I took the path through the cemetery yesterday and it seems to be the time of year for the flowers on the various graves. This photo is on the section for cremations where you only get a stone with name and dates in the ground, ashes do not need so much room I suppose.

On this happy note, have a good day everyone.

Special Flowers 26.09.2018

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. My mother got Revere Wear pots and pans for her wedding shower in 1964. They came with a lifetime warrantee. I think they would be good for a few lifetimes. I acquired them when my mother replaced them decades ago. Except for my big stew pots and canning pots, they are the only pots and pans that I have ever owned. After half a century, they show now signs of wear.

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