RDP Wednesday: Inspire

HESO 2018 (4)

What do I do all day?
I clean the apartment, I cook the meals, I write blogs, I read books.

Why do I do this?
Clean the apartment, you never know if you have a visitor. No, that is not the main reason, although part of it, let’s be honest. Mr. Swiss said I overdo it, but “said” in past tense. I think he realised that when I broke my leg certain things were no longer as they should be. Since everything is back to normal and I can do it again, the inspiration is back to cleaning. I do not mind doing it. And I am also probably inspired by a patch of dust or windows with finger prints on them (or paw prints from my cat).

Cooking: Cooking fresh food inspires me to eat it. I like to know where my food comes from and what it contains. I do not like heating up micro wave stuff and I am not even a fan of frozen. Of course I cook frozen peas and beans, otherwise it would be like a master chef programme on the TV. Cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, potato – that is not rocket science to  prepare it yourself. I like to see my meat before I cook it, the colour and the condition – I have a butcher and I buy it over the counter. I avoid prepacked where I can and then I enjoy cooking it.  Of course I am not a master cook, and I also have my accidents in the kitchen, but what is the fun of eating something that you just heat up in the oven, because somewhere in a factory it has all been prepared, not only for you but for thousands of others. OK, I do like my MacDonald hamburger, that is holiday food if in another town or country.

Writing blogs: I was already a working woman with four grown kids when my blogging began and I really do not know why. I had been knitting for the kids until I began to blog and then we had our first computers. What do you do with a computer, aside from playing games. I heard the word “Blog” from somewhere, checked it out and decided it was something similar to writing a composition at school. I was always keen on writing compositions, but my teachers were not exactly full of praise, but now there were no teachers to destroy my illusions. I was now armed with a computer. My first attempts were in Yahoo 360 which went out of action. The next serious effort was Multiply which collapsed and I actually had contacts, and still have the same ones today, those that wandered to Facebook. I already had a small backup in WordPress and decided to continue. Yes I am in Facebook, but that has nothing to do with inspiration. I can use the messenger to keep in touch with various friends privately and I have my school site there. It is more convenience than dedication.

I used to enjoy the old cinema films, the classics, but I get absolutely no inspiration from the television. I like to read books and there a very big thank you to Kindle. I live in a German speaking area, and read german, no problem. My mother tongue is english and I prefer to read in the original language where possible. I can upload my chosen book in its chosen language in a matter of seconds and begin to read and then I lose myself in the written word. I get inspired by certain authors and can keep track of what is new in literature.

And I am now inspired by the world that surrounds me, above all nature. I had discovered the camera and take my photos: nothing prize suspicious, but I do not care. I enjoy taking photos of wherever I go and what I see, the camera is always with me.

RDP Wednesday: Inspire

5 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Inspire

    • Me a genius? Yes well I tell Mr. Swiss most of the time, but I am not sure if he believes me. I have a sort of thing that you can always try and if it doesn’t work, then that is not so bad. I wish I had the gift to write a bit more lyrical, but sometimes I get lost in the words. I admire your writing very much. I would love to meet you in “real life”.

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