Good Morning

Blackbird 25.09.2018

Since the latest iPhone update I am greeted every morning when I switch it on with the temperature in my area. this morning at 7.30 it is 3°C so it looks like my mornings out on the porch will be no longer and I will have to wait until Spring. I am again in the kitchen but the window is open.  The crow or whatever it is did not seem to have problems sitting on a lamppost. I saw him on my trip to town yesterday afternoon.

I decided to go again to our local fair to see what I had not yet seen, but now it is no longer so interesting. Looking a whirlpools, cars and motor bikes is not my thing and the booths are all becoming the same and I would not have the room for a whirlpool.

HESO 25.09 (4)

There were a few people exhibiting various foods such as spices and tea sorts, but nothing spectacular.

HESO 25.09 (1)

Even the cakes and biscuits were becoming boring with they fancy packing and you cannot eat the packing. As it was mid afternoon and many were working, there was enough space to weave my way around in my wheelchair, but I did not stay so long. I think my excursions to the fair are coming to an end and unless they have something special I will not bother so much. Perhaps next Sunday the day it closes I will have another look.

I wheeled my way home through town and along the river, but there was a really strong wind blowing as I crossed the bridge. Luckily I was prepared and am now wearing my winter warm cloths and a warm jacket. The time is coming for my winter hibernation I think. We will have to have the winter tyres put on the car, although Mr. Swiss finds the ones we have on the car at the moment would be OK. I am glad I do not have to get my wheelchair fitted with them. We will also have to shift the porch furniture into the celler, but first I will have to vacuum it to get rid of any insects that might be hiding in the folds of the material and the cat fur remainders. We then put a couple of cheap plastic chairs on the porch during the Winter in case we have a need to sit outside and then we can hibernate.

I am hoping we do not have too much snow that I can get out now and again.

Today is a shopping day, but I have no idea what to get.

Clouds A 23.09 (2)

Look after yourselves, see you around later.

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