RDP Tuesday: Migration

Stork 02.05.2018

Big birds they are, it is a stork which is a common appearance where I live. Some years ago there was a biology teacher in our area who had the idea to found a stork colony and he did. The storks were in a village on the local river Aare known as Altreu and the storks of Altreu became quite well known in Switzerland. They had a comfortable life with their own colony, custom made houses with roofs where they could nest and plenty to eat.

Stork at Altreu

Now and again we would visit in Summer with the kids to see the storks: it was only about 15 minutes away by car. The kids grew up, had no longer interest, but Mr. Swiss and I decided once again to go and see the storks, the thing being they were no longer there. Just a few, but not families with their chicks. In the meanwhile the teacher that founded the colony had passed away and it was decided to let the storks fly. I think one of the reasons was they were so comfortable in their new colony, the gave up migrating. They should fly to Spain or Africa in Winter, but why bother when you can have it just as good by staying.

One of the results was that on a rainy day

Stork sitting on lampost in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

you would see them as you drove along the road perched on a lamp post.

We have various high towers in our area for receiving radio signals and the latest fashion is on every high building strange aerials for reception of the mobile phone frequencies. Someone had the idea to include a platform for storks to build a nest.

Storks 30.06 (14)

The storks soon discovered that life was good if you have a ready made high tower to rear the kids and as they apparently use the same nest for many years, what could be better. This nest was on a high tower next to one of the local high schools. I would often pass by and could see the babies grow one by one. This was until August, and then the nest was empty.

Stork 25.06 (3)

There was a second tower which included the various antenna and the same thing happened here. It was on the opposite bank of the local river and I could see the storks  when I was travelling along the river bank, but one day in August they were gone.

Did they decide to migrate to warmer countries for the Winter? Most probably and I am wondering if they will return again next year, my camera is ready.

We also have a very noisy crow colony where I live.

“Hey Mr. and Mrs. Crow, what about a nice migration to warmer countries in Winter?”

“Forget it, too far for flying and why bother. You always make sure we have food throughout the Winter.”

Well I tried to persuade them, for some peace and quiet and a rest from their permanent cawing, but no luck. I probably spoil them too much.

RDP Tuesday: Migration

6 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Migration

  1. We got storks during their annual migration from Africa to Europe, but then they discovered the carp pool on the Kibbutzim and decided “Why migrate when men are giving you a big pool of free fish?”

    Since no one is allowed to shoot anything wild in Israel, they tried EVERYTHING to get the storks to move along, but last I knew, they had made Israel a comfortable home for all seasons.


    • Something like happened here. The are not stupid birds. The idea was to give them a good breeding ground during the summer, but they decided to stay and not move on. Since they closed the nesting placed in the stork colony they are moving on again. We often meet up with a stork during summer in a field, but I am not keen when they have a landing place on our roof as if you happen to be standing below it can get quite messy.


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