FOWC with Fandango: Personal

Mushrooms 22.09 (4)

It was a wonderful mushroom, a feast for the eyes
She knew she must have it, to cook a surprise
Plastic gloves were then needed to pluck them with care
Having to pluck them without causing a tear
When she was home in the cookery book she looked
It was sliced and spiced before being cooked
Her husband loved mushrooms they were the best
even more than her, he found her a pest
They had many problems but he was so rich
She could do nothing right, he called her a witch
And now she was sure that he would give her some praise
when he saw the mushroom dish, it would definitely amaze
He eventually came home after three hours in the bar
smelling of beer, of women, he had played his guitar
He was very much liked when he sung his love song
Whilst his wife waited at home who never did wrong
The entrance was normal with a push and a swish
he was drunk and quite wobbly but then smelt the dish
The mushrooms were eaten then he fell on the floor
the undertaker had problems getting the coffin through the door
But everything ended well, he was buried with pomp
And she was the happy widow, who enjoyed a good romp
The last thing we heard was she married again
There were still mushrooms in the field to be served with champagne

FOWC Fandango: Personal

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