RDP Sunday: Panoply

Armoury, Solothurn

Does it rhyme with an e or perhaps with a y,
I have no idea, and so I must try
My computer says the e and so here I go
but where is my armour, oh yes, now I know
I do not wear it on my body for everyone to see
but have my own method, it goes everywhere with me
I broke my elbow some years ago, it was wired together again
Drilling holes in bones made sure that I had no pain
The wire was strong and woven together, it really looked quite good
The main thing was my arm was attached to the shoulder where it should
Two years later I did it again, but this time called a fracture
Fifteen screws and a metal plate later, it was a manufacture
I was now the stainless steel woman, almost being bionic
ten years later I broke my leg, now this was becoming chronic
But with two steel screws to attach my knee and a pin inside the bone
I was soon walking again, I did not want to moan
And now I wear my panoply and do it all with pride
you cannot see it, of course you can’t, I wear it all inside

RDP Sunday: Panoply

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