12 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 23.09.2018 Geranium

  1. My mother always had these in our garden growing up in New Jersey. She would dig them all up and store them in our basement during the winter. Whew! Sounds like too much trouble to me.

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  2. One of my childhood memories was going to a plant nursery called The Garden Factory with my parents at the end of May every year so my mom could pick out her geraniums. My dad would plant them in big pots on the porch and there were also hanging baskets on the porch as well. I only tolerated the trips because the store had a giant gumball machine!


    • My mum always bought some geraniums. She had a window box for planting them. We had a Sunday morning flower market and she would buy them there. It was a bit of a tradition in our part of London


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