13 thoughts on “Kammie’s Oddball Challenge 9/20/18

  1. Just a comment on the last picture. I have friends in to the magical / spiritual arts and who tell me skulls are considered good luck charms. Skulls are thought to be representations of ancestors looking out for us. I think they are rather ghoulish, but everyone has their own ideas I guess. Hugs

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  2. Skull stuff is big in Mexico. We sort of got tired of the tourist markets down there because it was skulls skulls skulls and fake turqoise jewelry made in China represented as made by local artisans. We did find good pottery though that we liked. A lot of the other stuff is made in China. Can’t imaging what China thinks of the rest of the world as they sit there making this stuff due to orders for it from suppliers. Duh.

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    • I saw the skulls on a stall at the monthly market, but It is not a big thing here, just a novelty. The Mexicans have it as part of their tradition, but they are also overdoing it . Blame it on Hollywood, and the Chinese are probably laughing at us.


    • Might be a good idea for halloween. Not sure about the trend. The guys that sell them usually have very long hair tied in a pony tail and wear odd t-shirts, like a bit hippy


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