Good Morning


Yesterday late afternoon I got this sky above whilst I was sitting on the porch. Did we have rain? I think about 5 or 6 drops then it just went back to a cloudy sky. It was quite windy and the weather prophets said some about a Föhn storm which is a dodgy warm wind we now and again get, something to do with the alps I think. Of course they said it was not for all regions, but in the second half of the night it could rain, which it did not.

Morning clouds

And now I am sitting outside on the porch again at 8.00 am and the southern skies show this. The North is already blue  with a promise of sun, so it seems the weather is really doing what it wants to. I can already hear neighbours watering their gardens, to compensate for the missing rain yesterday.

Clouds 21.09 (3)

The only place I got to see yesterday was the supermarket for the week-end shopping and the mountains were still showing themselves from their better side in the morning.

Our annual Autumn trade fair known as HESO has now opened its doors officially, after the first day which is reserved for the famous and well known in our area. I will probably risk my first visit this afternoon to test the possiblities of driving with a wheelchair. Outside there is no probem,  but in the various halls it could be a little crowded. I am sure when they see me coming they will make room. I saw in the local newspaper they again have a section with animals, a sort of petting zoo for the kids and yesterday they had the first piggy race. Various piglets run against each other and you can even place bets. Actually I feel sorry for the pigs, I am sure that is not their natural state of affairs.

I have a strange state of affairs on my Apple computer at the moment. Some time ago I noticed e-mails we not functioning on my iPhone or my iPad. My computers, the Apple and Windows machine both were OK. I went to the local Swiss com shop and the guy fixed it for me. My iPhone is now OK and so is my iPad but my Apple computer could no longer operate with the e-mails. I made a mistake and phoned their telephone hotline. The guy that answered was OK and I spoke in our Swiss dialect. This was a mistake as he did not understand me and understood only high german. Eventually we got together on my computer. He did all the necessary and was getting the same results as I was. The next step was to be confronted with a screen where I could fill in a new password for my e-mails. I told him forget it, I am not changing my password when it works on the iPhone and iPad as well as my other computer. I think this confused him. Somewhere along the a line contact was broken and that was that. I will probably now get a bill from Apple for the online help that I did not get.  I can manage OK without the e-mail connection on my Apple computer, but it is annoying. One thing I have learned, do not request online information from Apple. The guys do not think they just follow their list and also do not understand Swiss German, which only the Swiss understand.

And now for lack of important notifications to tell you I will close down. Today I hope to be on my travels again to collect some local events by camera. Have fun, see you later.

Pigeons 18.09 (1)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That brought back memories! My husband’s Oma was from Solothurn and was always talking about ‘the fern’ (that’s how it sounded to me!)’ winds they have there and the weather they cause.

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    • I have been living in Solothurn for 50 years, and they all have respect for the Föhn with its headaches and other problems. I just find it very windy, but have no other problems. The town of Solothurn is just along the road to us and I often bring photos of it 🙂

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  2. We are going shooting today, too. Any minute now. I’m having trouble retaining my balance and have been just falling down. Not seriously hurting myself, but sort of crumpling. Garry thinks I should see our doctor, but he’s just going to try to send me to one of the local bone guys and they are totally useless. My spine is such a mess … it needs a Boston visit and they take time and long months of arranging.

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    • We are lucky that we do not have to wait too long for an appointment to see a specialist, we have plenty of them here. I have a big problem with balance, but because it was normal for me I never really noticed it. 30 years of MS and no one knew it, although perhaps better not knowing. Falling is not good because of the surprises you get with the injuries. The biggest problem is getting up again if you can


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