Good Morning


Nothing big happening in the sky today, just the traces of the flights passing over. The main thing is that I have returned to the normal world. Yesterday I spent almost the complete day in bed recovering from the attack of a bug which decided to empty my body of anything it might contain – no details, but it was not pleasant. Even Mr. Swiss remarked that I  rarely have such attacks. Somehow I crawled to the kitchen to fix the men with food at lunchtime and then went back to bed. I think I slept more than my cat does yesterday during the day. I hope I am now back. At least I had some breakfast (I was hungry).

Obviously I did not go places and see things yesterday, but the day before I took a trip into town. I was crossing our footbridge in my wheelchair and at last it was empty for a good photo, although at the last minute a man and his daughter came into sight with a married couple.

Rötibruck Shadows 18.09 (1)

I thought no further of it until the man on the left climbed onto the railings at the side of the bridge and dived into the river below, quite impressive. I was more impressed when his daughter, about 12 year old, also climbed onto the railing and dived after her father. It was no short distance to dive and they both swam to the bank of the river where their wife and mother was waiting. She was also dressed in a bathing costume, so probably did the same before, I was impressed, quite a family of swimmers and such a young daughter.

I like to take a trip into town now and again as there is something different happening, although not always.

Military Truck 18.09.2018

There seemed to be quite a lot of military vehicles on their way, probably a manoeuvre taking place somewhere, it is now time for the Autumn recruit schools and we have a barracks near our town.

Dog 18.09 (2)

It seems to be a bit of a lazy dog days at the moment and this one was taking it easy waiting for its owner to appear from the shop.

Mr. Swiss took care of the shopping yesterday and I do not even remember him going. Must have been some time in the morning but he got the provisions. Today I am hoping to have a normal day again with cleaning and cooking. It is funny how you miss these things when you cannot do them. I am now going to catch up on the lost day of my life and hope to be back later. Take care and beware of bugs, they are always lurking somewhere and waiting. I will leave you with a view of our cathedral taken the day before yesterday with some interesting clouds in the background.

Clouds 18.09 (4)

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I havn’t had one like this for a long while. The doc said there is one around. It is still hovering around in the background. I would just like to eat something that would stay where it should.

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  1. I’m glad you are feeling better. I’m also glad i’m not the only one who crawls to the kitchen to cook then crawls back to bed. Garry looks at food as if its a field full of sharpened weapons waiting to attack him. My last act before death will be cooking dinner.

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    • Problem at the moment is that I am only really cooking for my son. Mr. Swiss has no appetite and my interest in food is reduced. I am beginning to narrow down supplies. No good buying too much when there is not so much interest.


    • They are certainly very impressive altough I have to say I have very similar ones in my collection of my own cloud photos – I have over a thousand of them. Sort of hobby of mine.


  2. So sorry to hear that you were sick. I’m not sure I would have gotten up to make lunch for my husband. I know he wouldn’t do the same for me if he was sick. Beautiful cloud formation in that last photo.

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