RDP Tuesday Prompt: Crepuscule

Clouds 25.10 (9)

Who crepuscles, no, it is not me
I leave it to science to do it all to see
Sometimes you get a red sky, Santa Claus is baking
Christmas puddings very fine, the reindeer then awakening
And there are the grey ones, a lid above our head
The crepuscle has then given up, resting on a cloud bed
The sun is going South at last, the moon is not so sure
It is dazzled by a glowing sky and fears for seeing more
Young lovers (and old) are arm in arm, embracing with a kiss
I am gazing through my camera, the beauty not to miss
And then I lay my head to rest giving my Β bed a hug
Awakening with a new crepuscle, another morning tug
Eight planets revolve around our sun not knowing what they missed
Only earth performs the show, the ninth, with twilight on the list

RDP Tuesday Prompt: Crepuscule

11 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday Prompt: Crepuscule

  1. I never thought about Earth being the only planet that gets to have a crepuscular time of day. Sounds icky. And when I looked at the etymology, hoping for some explanation for why such an ungainly word means my favorite time of day, I got nothing.

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