RDP Monday: Copious


When Mr. Swiss met Mrs. Anglo they decided to get together
They discovered they had a lot in common and they were birds of a feather
He read german, she read english, they were just the details
They swallowed every word and meaning without going off the rails
They moved together in their nest, there were bookshelves everywhere
Reading was their favourite pastime but their books they could not share
It was a very copious hobby, they even had books in the kitchen
That was not a very big problem, by cooking they did both pitch in
Whilst she had the books in english language, he had in German the same
And so everything was twice as much, this really was no game
As time went past and the years grew on the Kindle was on the scene
At last the 10 bookshelves could be reduced to something very clean
But Mrs. Angloswiss now spoke german and began to read the German book
Mr Swiss also read english, and were now both off the hook
They now had space in their book paradise, and so they had some kids
Although in the evening they still read their books, before closing their eyelids
Shakespeare became an english Goethe and Charles Dickens was Thomas Mann
They both read Gunther Grass as well, they had it in the can
Books are everywhere to be had, just upload them in a jiffy
In German or in the kings english, both were not so squiffy
And now they swop their Kindles often, it is all the written word
Makes no difference in which language, they are both a reading nerd

RDP Monday: Copious

5 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Copious

  1. hurrah….. well done…. count me in. I have FAR more books than space and once we’ll move away from this house and rent an appartment, it will be a HUGE clean-out.


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