RDP Sunday: Fathom

We have a local railway which takes us into the next town. I very rarely use it, because I only need about 10 minutes to get their by wheelchair, and with the car it is more convenient and a matter of 5 minutes.

Our railway functions perfectly but there are always railway workers repairing something, which is the fathoming exercise. What are they actually doing? They appear in groups of three usually, one working, one giving orders and one watchng. We drove past last week and I noticed they were doing something different, but still could not fathom what. A day later I decided to have a wheel down the road to town and they were still there. This time there was a complete group, although there was still one giving orders and one watching, but there was also an extra one to keep an eye on the traffic on the road.  And they had rakes and a machine.

Railway Work 14 (1)

As I got nearer with the camera the boss saw me. “Hey men, look good, we are having a photo taken”. Luckily he had a smile on his face, not everyone likes to have their photo taken. I assured him that I was not taken photos of his team, but of the work they were doing which was an interesting subject. Was he disappointed, he could have made the front page of “The Railway Workers Journal”. Luckily he was still working and so were his men and they continued the job. The result of my fathoming was now clear. They had dug large holes in the road surface next to the railway tracks and were now filling it with fresh tarmac.

There are always surprises when you upload your photos. I even got a tatto into the bargain: and I am still trying to fathom out what it is, although I was not taking photos of those good looking muscular guys, of course not.

RDP Sunday: Fathom

6 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Fathom

    • True, they spend all summer repairing the winter damage to the roads, just when the tourists arrive and want to tour through Switerland. Money is never saved, I always wonder what the guy that is looking at what the others are doing has for a purpose.


  1. Great story. I always, ALWAYS, see a “watcher” in a group of workers. Usually standing with a hand on his hip. Maybe smoking a cigarette. Come to think of it, I rarely see this in a group of women. Could be coincidental. I also wonder why and how they decide who gets to just watch.

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