RDP Satuday: Slapdash

Chrummturm 14.09,2018

Slapdash? We are in Switzerland and the Swiss do not do slapdash, at least not usually. Take the example of this proud tower in the town of Solothurn. It was built in the 15th centuary. You are changing your eye glasses, somehow the perspective is not good?

The tower was built on the edge of town on the banks of the River Aare. It is almost as if the town was ashamed of it, pushing it as far out as possible and even placing the local railway bridge in front, disturbing the view when the trains roar past from Zürich to Geneva.

Something wrong with the tower?  OK, it is not called the Krummturm for nothing: translated into english it would be the Wonky Tower, and now we have it. Someone somewhere made a mistake when building it, but they probably only noticed it when they tried to put the spire on the tower. Fritz said to Hans “Hey where is the middle?” and Hans answered “where it always is”, but this time Fritz and Hans had a long discussion about it, trying to find it and realised that the middle was not the middle. They probably had a word with  Fridolin, one of the workers involved in making the foundation. Fridolin consult his measuring pole, or whatever, and it seemed his wife had been using it to stoke the fire and it was also wonky.

Now the case was clear. If you have a wonky foundation, you will have a wonky tower. They decided to forget the whole thing and hope that no-one noticed. Almost 600 years later the inhabitants of the town notice it, but who cares. It attracts the tourists.

The existence of the Krummturm is a true fact, one of the monuments in our local town of Solothurn. The exact details of how and why can be found in Internet, but I only found the explanation in the German language, so you will just have to take my word for it. I am not sure about Fritz, Hans or Fridolin, but who cares. Photo by me of course.

RDP Saturday: Slapdash

6 thoughts on “RDP Satuday: Slapdash

    • Not a problem with only eight million population and so many empty ppartments they do not what to do with them – that is the newest discovery. They are building everywhere and no-one wants to live there.


  1. Laughing. Are you sure there is no slapdash hurry? I can just imagine the winter coming on and Fritz saying to Hans, “We have to finish the roof before the first snow! Autumn is almost over” They rush to finish and things go a little askew. I like your wonky tower. It has personality.

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