Good Morning

Morning clouds

This is the sky I like in the morning. Not too many clouds, just an artistic dusting and a background of blue. Keeps my camera happy.


And I also found the solution to my mouse pad problem. Since working with my Mac outside on the porch I have had difficulties with my magic mouse losing contact. I know many do not like them, they do not have the same logitech qualities, but I have persisted. My porch table is not so suitable for a mouse because of the spaces between the wood, and I tried a few mouse mats, but no improvement. I had a flash bang in my brain and now use one of the plastic mats I generally use for my crockery when eating and it works perfectly. No more losing mouse connections and getting them again. a few minutes later. Yesterday I had twice as long to do my computer blogs. The things you discover, even when you are a golden oldie.

Kreuzackerbruck 14.09.2018

I went for a wheelie in my chair into town yesterday afternoon, for lack of something else to do. The town is really fully decorated now for our Autumn fair with red and white flags hanging in all the little streets. This is a view down the slope to our bicycle bridge. I also noticed yesterday that the first stand, which features our forests with a very nice arrangement

HESO 14.09 (3)

now has a ramp the complete length and no longer the high step, making it perfect for wheelchairs. Is this the result of the conversation I had with one of the guys who was preparing it all? I said it would be difficult to see it with the wheelchair and a young lady told me yesterday that suddenly the men appeared with their machines and made a perfect slope. Perhaps I should make some more suggestions about having squirrels and deer and hedgehogs, although perhaps not. I do not want to overdo it.

HESO 14.09 (2)

It also seems that the various restaurants at the fair are taking shape and the pizzeria (and flammeria?) are already in position. Next week the various businesses and shops will probably be installing their goods, so there will be plenty for me to work on with the camera. The only problem with this business fair when it arrives, is that if you need any business done with various stuff, like plumbing and other repair work, forget it. The companies are engaged with their stands and have no spare emloyees to do the work. At least that was our experience many years ago with a washing machine we bought locally. It only needed a small repair, but the answer was “when the fair is over”.

Jura 14.09 (1)

It was a cloudy and somewhat dismal afternoon yesterday and the Jura did not look so bright and promising with the clouds hanging over it, but gradually the sun won the battle and  we are now heading for bright weather again and thinking about watering the garden now and again.

Today is Satuday, so another lazy day for me, although Mr. Swiss will be going to town to get a few remains for the week-end.  I have no plans for today. I might take a wheelie to the castle and the farm, but will wait and see how I feel and whether my midday hugging the bed does not take too long.

I have a nice simple meal for lunch, one of those Chinese stir-fry meals where you throw it in the wok and let is fry, featuring a few chicken breasts for the meaty addition. We are not gourmet people, just like a good meal fresh from the kitchen. I was watching our master chef programme on the TV yesterday evening and I must say what they do, I can as well without any complicated explanations. The only difference is I serve portions to relieve the hunger and do not do 6 chips and transform my peas into a puree. I am also not an artist when it arrives on the plate, but we know what we are eating. I do not think I will apply for that programme, but stick to my home cooking.

And now to continue with my life’s work: cleaning, ironing and everything I have been doing for the last 50 years of married life, although I now have the time and do not have to fit it into my work life. Just leave some “me” time for some blogging on the way.

I hope your week-ends will be successful and take care those that are battling against the  hurricane Florence in Florida. I am thinking of you all.

Wild Flowers 14.09.2018

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Since being wheelchair bound for longer distances I see where a lot could be improved. I am lucky to be independent with the electric wheelchair and do not have to rely on having someone to push me. The main road through the village was renewed a couple of years ago, but the Kerb is at the limit for height, a bumpy crossing


  1. I just use a Logitech mouse on both computers and I can use them on pretty much anything, including my pants leg or literally, anything.

    We spent the day with friends and it was just nice to be with people we know so well and for so long. I’ve know Cherrie since we were both in our early 20s with little kids who are now reaching their 50s!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Using any mouse on our table outside does not work so well because of the spaces between the wood.
      My long term friends are all in England especially my school friend, I would stay with her when visiting my dad. We are 4 days apart in age, and she is godmother to my youngest. We will probably never see each other again, but we have regular contact with the messenger


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