FOWC with Fandango: Abstain


Abstinence is my second name,
I am excellent at playing that game
My life has been one merry go round
Of refusing to enjoy the pleasures I found
When I was sixteen I smoked my first,
I gave up with 50 and discovered they were cursed
15 cigarettes a day were getting too many
they were not cheap and cost a pretty penny
I did it in a week, it was not easy
And I must admit giving up made me queasy
As time progressed I felt much better
I followed instructions until the last letter
I did not begin to suck my thumb
Kept my mouth occupied by chewing gum
And then came the day when fisherman’s friend
I loved the taste and the exploding end
They were super mints and set my head on fire
but I began to count how many I would admire
I was becoming  a slave to these peppermint sweets
No-one could stop me from enjoying these treats
And so I gave up, I still had my coffee
I had problems with digestion it was a bad toffee
Now what was left, I did not drink
Alcohol made me feel bad, my brain could not think
I was living the life of complete perfection
It was because of my careful selection
There was no doubt, I needed a router
And then I discovered the wonderful computer
Blogging and photography became my cure
Cigarettes, peppermints and coffee were no more the lure

FOWC with Fandango: Abstain

6 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Abstain

  1. Quitting smoking was the hardest task I ever set for myself. Giving up orange juice was hard and trying to avoid tomatoes is also difficult since so many recipes need them. But I think giving up coffee might be the worst.

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    • I had never smoked when I was expecting the kids, otherwise I had smoked since I was 16, although now and again I did manage to give it up for a few weeks. Today i do not even feel like a smoke. I have realised that there are some things I should avoid like milk products.


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