8 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 15.09.2018 Hibiscus

  1. These are the topical hibiscus that used to be more common here. I still see them about, mostly while in Southern California. They really are odd, and of course, always different.

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  2. I agree about hibiscus being different. We have several. I like to grow them to encourage a single main stem, then slowly (like bonsai …) trim the other growth so that I have a tree. I have one that is almost 6 feet, taller than me. It has these deep coral red flowers. Right now we have had a lot of rain recently and warm weather so there are lots of blooms. I have also recently inherited from a friend three more … one slightly less vivid coral red, one pink, and one sort of orange/pink/salmon color. Another one that I have previously is a red candy cane stripe emanating from the center which is a deep purple shade the color of pomogrenate juice. It does not bloom very often, preferring to tease me with the promise of more blooms if only I will give it more plant food. It is a little pig.


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