Good Morning

Evening Sky

This was the sky some time yesterday afternoon, and the last time I saw blue skies. I was wondering whether to go for a wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon but  I hugged my bed longer after lunch and it began to rain in any case, so I stayed at home. At the moment it is grey skies and next week sun and high temperatures are again predicted. In my 72 years almost I have never experienced such a climate change. We might be celebrating Christmas with local strawberries.


I also noticed that my home is becoming a refuge for lost spiders who are no longer so comfortable in the garden, and are looking for a nice place for Winter holidays. This one was seated in the middle of the corridor, although I had a feeling it was in a trance condition. I left it to Mr. Swiss to dispose of. It was too big for my efforts and we do not kill spiders.


As I was drawing my curtain strips yesterday evening this was sitting on one of them, although seems to have lost a leg(s) on the way. Mr. Swiss said leave it, it will go away. He was right this morning it was no longer there, but I wish I knew where it had gone. Living in one of nature’s paradises on earth also has its disadvantages.

My iPhone just told me to do a backup which only took a couple of minutes. I am having problems with it at the moment. It keeps falling to the stone floor. It has panzer glass extras on the back and front, so the phone is protected, but not the panzer glass extras. I had the top one replaced two months ago and now have to have it replaced again for the cost of 40 Swiss Francs. I should get a cover for the phone I suppose.

Clouds 06.09 (1)

I am also out of original photos at the moment, as most of my shots are reserved for various challenges which will be appearing here and there.


I at last repotted my kalanchoe yesterday. Actually it did not need more room in the pot, but the earth had dried into a very small hard piece and I was doubting if it would survive, although kalanchoe seem to survive on fresh air. However, it is now done and even got a dose of rainwater which should last for the next couple of weeks. It was a white one and I am hoping that one day it might flower again. It is spreading its branches everywhere.

Yesterday I also had a small accident and my box of snail pellet reserve emptied itself in the garden cupboard, so I will have to sweep that up. We had only a few snails this year because of the hot weather, but I am sure they are lurking in the underground waiting for their chance to pounce again.

Yesterday evening I again had to spend time on composing the week-end shopping list. It seems only yesterday that I did the last one, time flies as they say. Neither of us eat as much as we did, but we cannot just live on love and air. And now to go and do what I must do, and what I have been doing since so many years I have forgotten when I first did it. With the vacuum cleaner and mop in my hand I will go further afield. Enjoy the day, make the most of it and sleep well.

Tree 12.09.2018

I call this one “the naked tree”, so where did the bark go?

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I see that the spider has to come to visit again. Love it that you don’t kill them! By the way, gorgeous kalanchoe! Hope you and Mr. Swiss have a great weekend. And always, please take care.

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  2. I would like to know the name of this tree too. I saw a few extraordinary specimens of them in Devon at Collaton Fishacre but I didn’t see the name-plaque…. If you can find out, tell me please. They look so ill and yet they seem to be perfectly healthy. Strange world

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