Good Morning

Pigeon 12.09.2018 (2)

I went on a wheelie into town with my chair yesterday afternoon for lack of something else to do, but same place same time and nothing special happening. Even the pigeons were just sitting around, although one of them flew off when I arrived. I noticed that people have again arrived on the river. Some are swimming in the river and others floating around with various helping aids. Out summer weather is continuing. We have about 8.00 in the morning an I am sitting outside on the porch without a jacket, the temperature is 18°C which is quite warm for Autumn.

Sunflower 12.09 (2)

I visited the last remainders of the sunflower fields, their seed heads now waiting to be removed and taken to the factory for oil production. One brave flower was still standing, although its seeds arrived some time ago. I saw it from the car on the way to the supermarket and decided to pay a visit to get the last photo. My son also had a field of sunflowers opposite his house in the Schaffhausen area, but this year they planted wheat instead: crop rotation.

Maize Harvest 12.09 (2)

The first thing I saw when I left home was that the maize field opposite was now being harvested, all with machines of course. It was quite a thing with tractors and trucks and havesting machines. There is still a field at the side of the river where the maize is high and will also soon be ready for a short back and sides, although the plants are still green. It is all industrial maize, mainly for animal food. We do not bother with the sweet corn variety here. I planted some in my garden once, although each time I planted the seeds in the evening there were holes in the ground the next morning where the mice had found them during the night and had them for supper. Animals are quite clever with their instincts.

Loretostrasse 12.09 (5)

I was in the religious part of town yesterday were they have the various little churches and accompanying statues.

Kloster namens Jesu Grenchenstrasse 18.08 (4)

This is the so-called Kloster Namens Jesu, I think for monks or nuns, I am really not sure.

Solothurn 30.06 (14)

And this is the Loreto Chapel to be found in the middle of the sunflower fields. Our Kanton of Solothurn is mainly roman catholic and the seat of the Bishop of Basel, who happens to have his palace just along the road from here. The priest school is opposite: very large impressive buildings. Mr. Swiss is Swiss Reform Church if anyone asks, and me being a complete atheist, it makes no difference, I have no problems with religion. I just love to take photos of the churches and statues.

Today is Thursday and sort of day of rest for me, with no big plans, just a little cleaning and tidying and relaxation. I do not intend to go anywhere this afternoon, but to be quite honest I do not know where to go. My wheelchair has its limits in distance and so do I. I would manage to get to the supermarket and back with no problem, but it would mean addiing an hour on my excursion and we do not want to worry Mr. Swiss.

Reflection River Aare 12.09.2018

Make the most of the day, enjoy life.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I love the crows (are they crows?) on the river wall. You are getting some nice weather. We are getting endless rain because of the hurricane down south. This will continue probably all week. I feel lucky that WE aren’t getting the storm!

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are pigeons, always good for a photo as I wheel past. It started to rain today, but nothing drastic and it saved us watering the garden. I heard about that mega storm you are getting, looks quite bad.


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