FOWC With Fandango: Prism

Rainbow over Feldbrunnen

If you are lucky and it is raining and the sun is shining, you might get a rainbow. Exactly now as I write this outside on the porch it is raining and now and again the sun is shining, but no rainbow. I even went looking for one. This rainbow happened in March 2008 and I remember it well.

I was then a working woman and driving home, taking the private road along the castle grounds, for which I have permission to use. I approached the castle, was at the top of the hill and below I saw this wonderful rainbow. Now what would you do, especially if you always have a camera in the car? Of course, you make a stop, find a nice comfortable place to take the perfect photo. Mr. Swiss was then already retired and was the houseman, being a few years older then me. So I stopped at the castle, and reversed to get a nice comfortable place next to the stone steps of the castle. How well I remember those steps. There was even a lady watching me who suddenly started to wave her hands in the air. Just as I wanted to stop, there was a bump at the back of the car.

car accident

It was a soft bump on the bumper of our volvo. Of course I stopped the car, had a look and discovered a scratch, or was it more than one scratch. Now what do you do? The scratch will remain, until it is repaired at the garage, but the rainbow? The rainbow is only there for as long as rainbows live and afterwards it is gone. Of course, there is no discussion. I took a few photos of my rainbow and drove on home. I also took a photo of the scratch on the boot of the car. I decided why bother explaining it all to Mr. Swiss, when a photo says a thousand words. I think he also said a thousand words, not even the photo of the rainbow seemed to calm him down, but men have a thing about their cars. Our Volvo days are long gone now, he was logistic manager for the Swiss representatives and I believe this particular Volvo model even belonged to the managing director before we took it over.

Yes even rainbows have their stories to tell.

FOWC With Fandango: Prism

8 thoughts on “FOWC With Fandango: Prism

  1. I remember one day driving home from work and there was a giant double rainbow over the highway. Everyone just pulled off the road and looked at it. Just stood there and watched until it disappeared.

    The most rainbows we ever saw were in Ireland. They have lots of sun/rain/sun/rain weather and I swear we saw at least one rainbow every day.

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  2. Hi Cee….you recently shared a list of those blogs supplying daily/weekly prompts. A new blogger is trying to connect and I’d like to help. Could you share again or send it to me?
    Thanks so much

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