Wednesday RDP: Feast


Not exactly a  feast, but it has become a new idea in the supermarket to sell the bread as fresh as possible: at least most of it. Also the smaller pastries are   prepared daily. It is all organised behind the shelves for everyone to see.

Usually two men, bakers, have their pile of pastry and form the various objects that are sold. Afterwards it is baked in the ovens and put fresh in the store for selling. It is quite common that the bread is still warm when I buy it in the morning, so what could be better.


With a more distant view of the baker’s section, the seem to have a computer terminal on the left and leaning on the back wall there are the trays with the finished product waiting for the baking. I always thought that bakers had to stop hugging their beds at least at 4.00 a.m. to get the bread prepared for the morning sales in the baker’s shop.  That now seems to be a thing of the past and I must say the bread tastes just as good, even if it was 10.35 a.m.

Wednesday RDP: Feast

6 thoughts on “Wednesday RDP: Feast

    • It costs the same as it is the bread they now sell in the supermarket. They have a couple of other sorts from their central bakery, but mainly this is now how the bread is sold.


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