Good Morning

Evening plane in sunset

The evening sunsets compensate for the boring steel blue skies in the morning, at least you get an interesting photo. Yesterday evening I was savouring the last moments of the day outside on the porch with my computer – and camera – and looked up and saw this. Actually it was much better, as I could see the plane at the front making the path in the sky. Not being quick enough, I only managed to capture the yellow streak as the plane disappeared behind the building opposite. Could almost imagine it was a falling star.

Otherwise, what else has happened in my average life – not very much. I decided against a tour yesterday afternoon and preferred to relax at home, although not quite. I had a few bits and pieces to tidy up on my computer as there is always something new. Cee, our wonderful challenge person, is now on reducing the hard work she did for the various challenges and others are now taking over some of the challenges. This is perfect, but I was organising the various templates I had to fit the new challenge people.

It was then I realised that I knew them all already. I have been blogging on WordPress for 10 years and you get to know the regulars in between. At the beginning I just used it as a backup, but my main site went out of existence and I chose WordPress to be its substitute. After all those years, names of other bloggers get familiar. After all, it is not only about I, me and myself, but I like to see what the others have for ideas. We are a mixed bunch, but a good bunch and it has become my sort of extended family, although I do have a private life as well. I just make rules on the time I spend on here. Mornings are for housework, afternoons for a tour somewhere with my wheelchair perhaps, and early evenings for blogging and uploading photos and the rest of the day, if there is one, for reading.

As you can see I am always busy doing something.


I am gathering orchids again. I used to have them as constant companions somewhere in the appartment. They do not cost so much and you always  have beautiful flowers for a few months, before they eventually give up. I have had the white one for at least two months and the pink one arrived two weeks ago, courtesy of Mr. Swiss. He goes shopping on his own now and again, and sometimes brings me something home. I told him to give up on the chocolate, although I loved it, but it was not exactly in line with my diabetes. Now he brings me an orchid now and again.

The problem is that orchids need light and air and in the appartment that is OK in the morning but afternoons the blinds and curtains are closed to keep out the heat of the midday and my orchids are then gasping for breath, so I now still have them on the porch now and again. When the nights begin to get low temperatures I will remove them to the inside again, as there will then be no danger of living in shadows – I hope.


Even orchids have their passengers, and this little spider crawled out the last time I gave them water. He was the successor to the earwig who left us on a journey down the drain in the sink. I did not qute know what to do with this spider, but Mr. Swiss said it is only a spider, so I told him to deal with it. He did, but I asked no further questions. I know he does not kill spiders so it was probably put outside, I hope.

As Autumn is now creeping nearer. I will close today with a glimpse of what it has to offer. This morning there is an excursion to the supermarket to stock up on food so I wish you a good day or night. See you around.


8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I did kill a spider yesterday. It was lurking around my appartment door and I do not want a spider in my appartment running free. The ones around my windows are enough to cope with the small bugs and none of the spiders busy in my appartment are taking care of the moth or the drosophila.

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    • I don’t mind spiders as long as they keep themselves to themselves. I just had a problem with s spider. it was sitting on the tiled floor in the corridor and it was big. I did not scream but stayed cool. It was too big to move and I did not want to kill it. I took a photo and told Mr. Swiss to deal with it. He was making efforts to somehow transport it to the garden the last I heard.

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  2. Such a wonderful array of gourds. I too mark the arrival of autumn with a selection of gourds that I pick up here and there at the market, at the food shop, etc. Some of them I let dry … then paint them with gold guilt paint, they look beautiful piled up in a large glass tray my neighbor gave me a few years ago. Others I cut apart and dry the seeds and think about planting them the following spring. Unfortunately the squirrels in the back yard find the shoots very tasty so they seldom make it to the point of bearing fruit. Alas !!!

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    • Our Autumn vegetable has them as decorations everywhere in town. I have grown the decorative ones, but I prefer the edible sorts.. you get some interesting shapes and sizes


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