RDP Tuesday Prompt: Orange

cRailway workers 06.08 (1)

I remember in the Mao Tse Tung days in China when all the workers wore the same clothing, blue serge trousers and jackets in the same style and we in the West felt sorry for them all, having no choice to wear anything else. We even laughed at them. Are we any different? I have noticed that the working colours of the West Europeans have now become orange. If you have a tool in your hand, even a wheelbarrow, then wear orange, and even better with a silver stripe somewhere. It has become the worker’s uniform.

We have a local railway and they are always doing something to it. It functions quite well, but somehow people must be given a job to do. I have noticed that there are always three men working together, dressed in orange of course. One actually works, the second gives instructions and the third looks on to make sure the job is done properly. What a wonderful organisation. Perhaps they were only wearing orange to match the blinds on the hotel rooms behind them.

Bipperlisi 19.07 (5)

Even the repair wagons for the workers are orange. This has really become the workers colour, or is it camouflage. There might be a worker leaning on the wagon taking a break, but you will not see him, because he is wearing the same shade of orange. And if he is eating an orange, then you will never find him.

Railway works 10.09 (1)

I took this photo yesterday on my way to town: note the orange trouser legs. I believe this man was removing the dirt from the rails: an autumn cleaning session.

Yes, orange is the new worker’s colour.

RDP Tuesday Prompt: Orange

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