Good Morning

Hay harvest 10.09 (3)

Another sun filled morning with blue skies and who wants to see bright blue skies. I prefer a little cloud mixture. The local farmers are now preparing their hay  supplies for the cows next winter, so every time I wheel past a field in my chair there is a tractor somewhere gathering the grass that has dried in the sun. In the olden days I remember the farmers having to turn it during the day with hay forks to get it nicely dry, but now there are machines.

October Monthly Market 10.09 (2)

Otherwise I went to town yesterday. As said, it was our once a month market day, although not as busy as I thought it would be. It probably gets more crowded in the mornings, but mid afternoon it was more sightseeing and a stroll amongst the stalls. It was a first time for me in the wheelchair but no problem. As I do my own wheeling I do not need someone to push.

October Monthly Market 10.09 (9)

There was the usual market ornaments to see.

October Monthly Market 10.09 (6)

My hiking days are now over, but I still have a collection of my old walking boots. As the years go past they get more lightweight with new material. The used to be heavy leather boots.

October Monthly Market 10.09 (4)

And of course some home made jam could be bought. I did not buy anything, but just used the opportunity to take some photos.

Talking of photos I would often take part in photo challenges in WordPress, mainly hosted by CEE. She has not given up with a few of the challenges, but has found some good people to carry on so I will probably gradually be posting more of my photos in the new groups. I also take part in two daily prompts, in between go for wheelies in my chair and have discovered that life as a golden oldie can be more busy than the days I was working a full time job.

Today my cleaning lady is here which relieves a little of the housework that I can no longer do so well: bathroom, shower and kitchen. Otherwise I have my little daily routine. Mr. Swiss helps, but he is also not getting any younger.

As I wheeled back home yesterday from town I took again the river side path: it is a bit stony, but my tank manages to overcome the stones. The swans were gathering again.

Swans 10.09 (17)

They were mainly foraging in the depths looking for food. I read somewhere they are vegetarian, so mainly feed on the water plants.

I also wheeled past the preparations for our town fair which opens its doors towards the end of the month.

HESO 10.09 (1)

I have now discovered that the wooden constructions at the entrance are a feature for our forests. I spoke to the guy building it up and he told me that there was a pavilion and a tent and all sorts of interesting stuff and we can write our suggestions about making the forests better for all. I said it would be a good idea to make concrete paths for wheel chair drivers, which of course would not be the case. Although I did mention that I would be interested in seeing all that they have at the exhibition, but he should tell his boss that a small ramp would be a good idea for us that have to depend on wheels. He agreed and it seems that something will be done. It does not need a lot, just a wide plank would do the trick. Otherwise it seems that the whole Autumn fair is also constructed with wheelchairs in mind. Looks like I will be busy.

Otherwise have a good day, enjoy and stay safe.

October Monthly Market 10.09 (19)

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The upcoming town fair looks interesting, but the stones on the pathways do not look to be friendly to wheelchairs … I hope you will be able to get access !!!! Such an important necessity to take photos of it all !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • i have often been there, but that was a life without wheelchair or stick. I now see the world in another perspective. I am quite the professional now, not yet as candidate for the paraplegic games, but am learning. If only there were not so many stones. Making a bumpy ride


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