FOWC with Fandango: Game

game boy

If you are an addict and join a group you introduce yourself: My name is Angloswiss and I am a ….. gamer, or something like that. I discovered gaming when I discovered the computer, but only in my spare time in the evening. Games like Wizzball, Koronis Rift etc. all on the Commodore 64, although I blame it on my No. 2 son, he was the discoverer.

And so I would take over the computer in the evening when he went to bed. One fine day I became a golden oldie and no longer had to work for my living, because the state paid me my pension. What to do all day? I was not ready for this new life, and so I continued gaming, but this time during the day. Facebook etc. were banned at my workplace but now I was at home. I discovered Zynga and its gaming world. I had a restaurant, a town, and a farm (actually 5 farms). There were even four islands planted with all sorts of plants.  My gaming world became a thriving business until one day I realised there must be more to life.

I decided to go cold turkey. Over the past years I noticed that my gaming world had crumbled online and many of the games no longer exist. Perhaps there were too many golden oldies that decided online gaming was more stress than a full time job.

And now????? I blog  and take photos, but in my own time and let’s face it, it’s fun. But I did have a nice little restaurant somewhere in Facebookland, with 40 stoves cooking and and and….. No, forget it,  my gaming days are over.


And I had my own pet in Petville. Her name was Morticia and she had more clothes in her wardrobe than I had. Here she was ready for bed. I decorated her bedroom myself. She had a wonderful house. Yes, I was a gamer, and loved it at the time. Remember Bouderdash????’

FOWC with Fandango: Game

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