RDP Monday: Grace

Chickens 23.07 (5)

Mabel wanted to be queen of the coup
If only she could fly
Dancing a pirouette with her dainty feet
Was something she could try
The rooster was not very impressed
to see her long bare legs
He only had one interest
To fertilise her eggs
She buried herself in a pile of straw
The farmer was distressed
She was the best laying hen
And now she had left the nest
He threatened the rooster with being replaced
and to remove his feathery head
If he did not apologise to Mabel
And invite her to grace his bed
The rooster crowed “Mabel lay more eggs,
and you will be my queen
And now they live together in bliss
With eggs galore between
The other hens began to moan that Mabel got it all
The rooster worked day and night to ensure his head doesn’t fall
Two hundred hens kept him busy and then he was not so thrilled
He was exhausted when he met the fox
It was then that he got killed
There is a moral to this story, treat all your hens the same
They can get jealous if one is the queen,
Being rooster is not a game.

Chickens 08.09 (7)
RDP Monday: Grace

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