Good Morning

Alps 08.09 (6)

I saw the alps again yesterday when on a wheelie with my chair. As I turned the corner to the local castle on the hill there were all spread out in front of me. I think the big one on the right is the Eiger, which is the tallest peak from our view. They disappeared through Summer, probably because of the intense sun we were having, but in Autumn they usually return. I have spent many summer holidays in the Bernese Overland when the kids were still kids and know them all from various walks.

Yesterday was another pleasant Autumn day so I took a tour in the afternoon to gather a few photos, and get some fresh air, although I did not go so far, just to the castle and the farm. They were having a wedding in the castle.

Wedding Castle Waldegg 08.09 (2)

I saw the announcement at the side of the castle that Vanessa and Martin were having their wedding reception. There was also a notice not to enter by the side entrance, but the main gate.

Wedding Castle Waldegg 08.09 (1)

To make the the guests found the entrance it was marked with signs to follow, very original. We often have wedding receptions at the local castle and what better place could there be to celebrate.

I saw something yesterday that I had always wanted to see, and I even took a photo.

Cows 08.09 (4)

I grew up in London town so the only cows I ever saw at the time were in picture books or on the TV. Later on in life I got to know what a real cow looked like. Here they lay on their pastures or munch grass from the fields, but I never saw a cow stand, or even sit. There was an open question for me. Does it stand using the front legs, or the back legs.  As I passed three cows lying in a field yesterday one began to stand and your local reporter took a photo of the great occasion, although it is perhaps still not so clear. I saw it definitely bend its front knees to give a push, so it looks like the front legs won.

Horse 08.09 (1)

I met a lady on horseback on my way, it is almost cowboy country here. I also noticed that I am becoming known in the area, When the farmers drive past with their wagons loaded with hay they always give me a wave. They must appreciate the fact that they now have their photos taken on the way.

Chickens 08.09 (2)

Of course I had a look to see what the chickens were doing, but the usual. I notice they like to take dirt baths now and again. They bury themselves in the earth and then you see clouds of dust rising as they scratch around. I do not know what the idea is, perhaps it has some sort of therapeutic benefit. Sorry that the photo is not so clear, but they keep the chickens behind plastic wire. Probably too many chicken rustlers in the area.

Nothing more to report except that I arrived home safely to upload my photos. Today I will definitely spend the afternoon at home. I have planned a tour for tomorrow afternoon in town. It is monthly market day and after my positive experience on our local cheese day, I have decided to take the chance and manoeuvre my wheelchair amongst the masses in town. We also have a cattle market, but that takes place in the morning and it is mainly for those that are responsible for your lunchtime steak, prodding the animals to see if they are suited: not my sort of thing.

Have a good Sunday everyone doing what you always do on Sunday.

Sweet Pea 08.09 (1)

This photo of the sweet pea was on the path leading to the entrance of my appartment. I planted some seeds many years ago to add some colour to my privet hedge and they decided to spread and have now taken over the little piece of meadow opposite. Some time ago the local gardener cut it all away, but they returned, much better then before I find. I have never seen so many flowers on them.

22 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a wonderful daytrip! – Thanks for the photos and commentary. 🙂
    I especially love that Fantastic mountain view – how wonderful it would be to see that every day? – Not that you can, it seems 😉

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  2. Thank you for your lovely blog! Every time I read one of your posts, it’s like going on a holiday. Not one of those awful touristy types of holidays- but one where you go see a dear friend and actually get a feel for the real place. I love that you ponder how cows stand up and why chickens take dust baths. I have a dog that adores taking a dust bath in the sandy dirt under my porch- so it is not just for chickens. Have a wonderful day!

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    • Switzerland does have a holiday feeling. There was a time when I worked daily, but am now retired and have the opportunity go places with my camera. As I live in the country I am surrounded my farms with their various animals. Even the chickens are interesting birds. I would add that most of my travels locally are done in a wheelchair (MS).

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    • It depends on the light how they look.
      Our cows went missing during summer. It was too hot during the day and they were only outside during the night.
      I have never seen them going down, another photo to take


  3. When my colleague Brent arrived at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, he considered the region to be rural. I suppose it was rural relative to the Los Angeles region. I took him out late one night to meet some cattle who lived behind our dormitory building. I had only seen a small herd of steers in there, so considered it to be safe. We walked quite a way, but never found any cattle. We got separated for a while, although I could hear that Brent was not too far away. Suddenly, he yelled to me that he had found one of the cattle. As I approached, and could see the outline of the ‘steer’ against the background of the lights of campus, I could clearly see that it was not a steer, but a bull . . . and Brent was petting it right between the eyes! . . . Well, we left promptly and quietly.

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    • Something similar happened to me. We approached a group of cows and sat on a bench when Mr. Swiss said let’s go. One of them is a bull, although to a simple girl like me originally from London they all looked like cows. Mr Swiss disappeared fast. Whilst I was still searching for the difference and took a couple of photos. Don’t understamd what people have against those bulls.

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