Good Morning


This is a later morning today. It is Saturday and I really needed some rest and relaxation and so I ignored my timepiece, which happens to be my mobile phone next to my bed. I had my eye on this amaryllis in a pot in my garden for some time. Amaryllis are a Christmas thing in Switzerland, and the stores get the first selections usually during November. I decided to keep them and train them to flower again, which they have, now and again.

I was speaking to my gardener last week and he laughed a little at Mrs. Angloswiss horticultural ideas about the resuscitation of the amaryllis and found that they are now so cheap in price, you would be better trashing the old one to make room for the new. I decided that my four pots of amaryllis waiting for Christmas were taking up too much space and giving me extra work, but then I saw this one. It had decided to flower at the end of August which has saved its life as the survivor.

Yesterday I visited Heidi, my hairdresser. It was really time, but there was so much happening in between that I had to postpone it. I usually go every two months, but it was getting now near to three. Mr. Swiss came with me to make sure I did not have any unwelcome accidents on the way. My walking powers are gradually getting less and my wheelchair is too big and complicated to put in the car, so I hobbled from from the parking place to the saloon with my stock. After half an hour I was a new person with my short back and sides. I was thinking of posting a selfie of me with the new look, but forget it. Selfies are the least flattering of all photos where you seem to look like a Stephen King creation.

Emptying the garbage containers 06.09 (3)

I saw something interesting when I was in town a couple of days ago I heard quite a noise on the other side of the river and when I looked over the local authorities were emptying the special garbage containers for glass etc. Usually you only see the stylish top with the space for the bottle or glass, but below there is a large container and with a crane attached to a truck they lift the whole thing from the ground, open the bottom and the glass arrives in the truck – very clever. I told Mr. Swiss and showed my photos, but he was not impressed. He had seen that happening often.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (15)

Otherwise I was still indulging in my memories of our local cheese day in town. It is not very often you see a collection of cows standing on one of the town squares on a bed of hay with a local grocery store in the background.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (11)

As I was wandering through the stalls on the market, I had to make room for a group of lamas to pass by, although no, we Swiss do not make lama milk, or who knows. Perhaps it might be something new. I would have preferred a front view of the lamas, but it was one of those surprise visits.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (21)

And now to move on, I have other things to do, although nothing that I do not usually do. It is Saturday, like week-end, although golden oldies do not have a week-end. It looks like it will be a sunny day and I just might embark on a new wheelchair adventure this afternoon. Have a good week-end and make the most of it.

Clouds 06.09 (1)

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I see from your one photo of the cows that you have a COOP in your town. When we visited Zurich two years ago they were a real lifeline for us to get things so we could have jam and bread in our hotel room in the morning. Also my bought chocolates to bring back for her colleagues in her office. We also went to Chur for a day excursion and there was a large COOP there which had housewares, clothes, etc,. We had such a nice time looking through that store. Great to know there is one where you live also. Cheers !!!

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    • Every town in Switzerland probably has its coop as well,as a Migros. We are more Migros minded and that is where we usually shop. coop has known brands, but Migros have their own products.


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