Good Morning

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (5)

And welcome to the Solothurn Cheese Day, yes at last there was some action in our local town and your blogger in Switzerland was there in her wheelchair to take a few photos. This cheese day has been for the past few years, but in my more walking days, I never bothered to have a look. Those were the days when Mr. Swiss and I did things together, but since he has back problems and I have my MS  we do our own thing. I suppose I am the mobile one, and now at every opportunity I am on my way for something new.

I had no idea what this cheese thing was about, but I soon found out.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (1)

The first part was a market where various farming cheese organisations presented their goods. Mostly local, but as far as Kanton Bern. I must say I was a bit apprehensive of moving in crowds with the wheelchair, it was the first time, but everyone was very polite and it was not such a crowd. Of course it is a good opportunity to meet a few friends here and there.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (8)

It was something like an enlarged monthly market, but concentrated on milk products (and beer) and of course there were the usual street opportunities for a drink taking it easy. A colleague I met said that the action was on our local Dornacherplatz (Dornach Square) where they had the cows and they were being distinguished for their various merits: a good udder, good shape, Zitze (I am still working that one out, but something female) and all sorts of personal details of a cow. They had made the area quite easy to manoever, so there I was on my way to the cows.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (23)

This one was already proudly showing his badge of honour which seemed to be first class. OK, I am no expert, but I assume it had everything in the right place. There was even a guy with a microphone telling who had won what, and mentioning the local cowboys that had the cows on their farms. I took so many photos that it is unfortunately not possible to show them all today, but I will be back.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (28)

This guy even posed for me with his pet cow. There was a bit of everything to see.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (40)

And suddenly this groups walked past. Nothing like Swiss alp horns on a country festival. For me as a Brit it was really super and very impressive, but after all I suppose I am still a tourist in this country.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (35)

Of course there were a few music groups scattered around. I eventually made my way home after an afternoon with a difference. This was only for a day and I suppose you cannot keep the cows tethered in the town for longer, the prefer grass to paving stones. In the morning there was a real Alp procession, but I only saw the photo in the newspaper. I will probably be back with some more photos over the week-end. I decided marrying a farmer would not have been such a bad thing after all. Even cows have their charm.

And now I must move on, life goes on as usual, despite cowboys and markets. I have a week-end shopping to complete and this afternoon I have an appointment with my hairdresser, about time too. I am beginning to look like a Beatle refugee.

See you around so enjoy the day until later. One last photo of the organ grinder at the festival.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (3)

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Cheese Day? That sounds funny, but I suppose it makes sense. We have festivals like that too, like the Gilroy Garlic Festival, the Castroville Artichoke Festival, and of course, the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. I went to school with the Pumpkin Queen 1985! What I think is silly though is how Los Gatos has an Arts and Wine Festival, even though there was historically only one obscure winery and vineyard in Los Gatos. (It was known to the Diocese of San Jose who used the wine, but not to the outside world.) Now we have a Strawberry Festival, but strawberries were never grown here commercially. A real Cheese Day sound like more fun.

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