FOWC with Fandango: Schedule

Solothurn Main Station

Trains need schedules but I do not, at least I thought so. I became a golden oldie some years ago, my company no longer needed me. Confronted with eternal holidays someone stole my schedule. I could go to bed when I wanted to go to bed and sleep until the endless hours of the day, not even a birdsong would tell me that it was time to get up, so at least I thought.  The first few mornings were something completely different, but there was a missing link. Why get up when you have nowhere to go, when no-one is waiting for you, but just a moment, I have to go shopping.

Mr. Swiss had been waiting for this day for at least 5 years to make joint shopping expeditions, being already an official golden oldie, I was just an apprentice and so we did our supermarket tour together. After a while we were on first name terms with the sales assistants . Oh what bliss to be free and filling the days with doing what you wanted to do and not what you had to do.

I got bored. I was still searching for my lost schedule. I decided I could not waste my life with blogging and reading, there must be a meaning to it all. I rediscovered housework and also rediscovered it for Mr. Swiss, although I do not think he had missed his schedule, he never really had one at home. As time passed I realised that all this jolly talk about being retired and doing what you wanted to do and not what you had to was all a myth. No-one told me that your body no longer wants to join in with retirement. It does not retire, just discovers a few unknown problems.

Our schedule became doctor appointments, dentist appointments. Mine even included a few hospital visits for a broken arm and leg and examinations to discover what my problem with balance was (MS). Mr. Swiss has back problems because his discs were no longer where they should be. What is the point of having a schedule when it decides  not to retire?

No, let’s look on the bright side of being scheduleless. You get paid for it, it is called pension. Your new schedule is calculating how much you are getting and whether it is enough to live a life of having no schedules. You just have to ensure that health insurance is covered. And the life insurance? No, leave that to the others, that will be their problem one day.

At least life is not boring without a schedule because you never know what is coming next.

St. Kathrinen Cemetery 21.05 (5)

FOWC with Fandango: Schedule

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