6 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 07.09.2018 Passion Flower

  1. Tee hee. You knew I would respond to this one. I can not get myself to plant any of these because the common fruiting type is such a weed in some places. I suppose that eventually I will need to plant one to try the fruit, but I have not even started the selection process.

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    • If you ever get fruit. I did once or twice, but just an addition, nothing special. I could not imagine them growing as weeds in Switzerland. My cousin in England who lives in a milder climate and apparently has the best earth in the garden in England, has a passion flower vine that grows in his garden and it looks good.

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      • They are only a weed to those who dislike them but can not get rid of them. Many of us like them. I just happen to dislike some that I had to contend with. A friend in Santa Cruz has one that comes through the fence annually, and then dies, leaving a soft thicket of hanging dried leaves. Brent had been trying get rid of one at his Parents’ home for decades, but does not even try anymore.

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