Good Morning

Plane 04.09 (1)

I did not go anywhere yesterday or do anything spectacular. First of all the cleaning lady arrived for a couple of hours in the morning and afterwards No. 2 son with wife and baby arrived so my day was full until after lunch when my son left to continue his journey. They had decided to visit Lyon in France and we were the half way house for lunch and a baby interval. In the meanwhile I took a couple of photos of planes yesterday evening going to far away places. It was very good weather yesterday with sun and sensible temperatures and today looks the same. I am glad as I can go on a wheelie this afternoon in my chair, although not far. I have discovered that going to our nearest town of Solothurn, just a kilometre down the road is always good. There is always something different going on there for my camera.

St. Urs Turm 02.08.2018

On my last visit to town I zoomed into the tower on our St. Urs. (patron saint of Solothurn) cathedral and saw a couple of visitors on the outside gallery. I did the climb many years ago when I was still active (or thought I was). First of all there is a long circular staircase which I had to tread sideways with my feet, because is seems to have been made for those that only have up to size 36 in shoe sizes. I have 41. When the  spiral stairs finish the straight stairs arrive which go though the belfry and you have to hope that they do not decide to deafen you by ringing the bells. You arrive at the top and there is an inside office selling postcards and other souvenirs. There is a guy that sits there looking after it all. I thought what a job, climbing those stairs every morning and descending again in the evening. You can see the door to the outside on the photo and also the telescope. I must admit when I arrived at the gallery and stood on the platform I had to remain leaning on the wall. You are well protected by the railings but it is very high up, giving a great photo of the surroundings, but with wobbly legs after the climb you feel insecure.

Solothurn - West

Although you get a great view over the roofs of the old town with the Jura mountains in the background. I did it once, but never again. I would need someone to pull me up and carry me down again.

Gull 02.09 (8)

I noticed whilst in town that there were others climbing, or more flying, to higher places. I showed a closeup of this duck similar bird yesterday, but he afterwards decided to settle on one of the chimneys in the old town.

Spider 04.09 (3)

Whilst my son was here yesterday, he pointed out this little (or was it big) guy in the garden. He had spun a mega web and was waiting for dinner. I do not mind spiders as long as they remain in their spider apartments and do not decide to take a journey to my area. Yesterday I was sitting on the porch and felt an irritation on my neck, I wanted to scratch, felt some soft and knocked it to the ground where it landed on its back and no longer alive. I did not really bother to see what it was. Afterwards Mr. Swiss had a look and found it to be a stink bug, although luckily he died before beginning to smell. Yes Autumn brings many surprises.

And today is again a shopping day, but this time I will go with my partner. The gardener has also informed that he will be cutting my hedges this morning, although he has not yet arrived. Where we live everyone has their hedges cut or has it done for them like we do. It is a real show, One neighbour begins, then the next one follows, not to be left out and we are usually the last, but it does not bother us and we do not have to do it ourself. We just heard a ring at the door, only once, so it cannot be the postman as he always rings twice. Mr. Swiss tells me it is the gardener.

I am just finishing my computer duty and will now begin the cleaning duties. Have a good day and see you later. I met this horse on my last wheelie, they graze on the field just behind the railway tracks.

Horse 02.08 (6)

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What I see on the tower (or want to see….) is a couple embracing? Or is it something else?
    Sometimes my bad eyesight is creating much fun. Once, a long time ago I said to the driver: Oh look, there…. a deer! It was a hydrant….. ah well 😉

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  2. My eyes are just TIRED. Too much computer time, too many small words. But Bonnie is going blind and we are still trying to figure out how to deal with that. Fortunately, she can find her way largely by scent, but one eye is gone and the other has a rapidly growing cataract. I hate when they get old.

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    • I am not sure how dogs can handle that. I had a blind cat for 10 years and he managed quite well, usually by smell and hearing. Even if we moved the furniture, he only had problems at the beginning


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