RDP Tuesday Prompt: Energy

Weissensteinstrasse Mühlegut

This was an energy packed action if there ever was one. The machine is demolishing an apartment block and I was witness to the action beginning last year in July. We were on the way in the car to the local supermarket which is in a neighbouring village. Mr. Swiss was driving and we both were astonished at the work. These apartments were part of growing up for Mr. Swiss. They were built some time in the fifties and his mother moved there with my husband. He was then a teenager and it was his home for many years. Now we both witnessed their destruction in 2017.

Weissensteinstrasse Mühlegut

Every time we passed the buildings a little more was being removed, memories that were being demolished.  It was quite interesting to see how time changes the surroundings and that everything has its life to lead. We used to live in town in a building that originated in the 1930’s. In those days there were thick walls, monumental designs on the outside and you knew that they were built to last.

Corner Schänzlistrasse-Rötistrasse, Solothurn

It is the corner building and we lived on the first floor. It was old building style and perfect for our family with four kids. There was then more traffic passing, but in the meanwhile new roads had been built relieving the pressure. The rooms were large, four bedrooms and a kitchen with enough room for a banquet, not that we ever had one. The building is still there and has even be renovated in the meanwhile to modernise the kitchen and bathroom.

So back to the building demolition. My photos were from last year in July and now we have September this year: and what do we see?

Weissensteinstrasse Langendorf 03.08.2018

The finishing touches are being made and in the meanwhile a new estate has been built, replacing the old buildings. The cranes have now been removed. I imagine that the first families will be moving in at the end of the month: September is moving time in our Kanton. In the meanwhile we have bought our own apartment in a nearby village and we even remember them being built, new roads in the village being constructed and taking walks now and again to see the progress. We never imagined we would buy one of the apartments, but the time came when the kids were growing and more independent and it was time for a change. We moved almost 20 years ago and in the meanwhile even our new apartment was fully renovated on the outside last year: new insulation and newly painted.

Today life passes by quickly and nothing is built to last. I wonder if our block will still be standing in 50 years, but as I will not be standing in 50 years it does not really bother me.

Further down the road

RDP Tuesday Prompt: Energy

2 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday Prompt: Energy

  1. In some ways, your town has a very New York attitude, which is “if it’s old, tear it down and build something new.” Boston is the opposite. If it’s old, prop it up and refurbish is. It gives Boston a very odd skyline consisting of very old and very new buildings right next to each other.

    New York doesn’t “DO” old. Old? Small? Tear it down. Build something new, even if it isn’t nearly as interesting or unique. But that’s New York for you.

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    • We have buildings centuries old in the town, but they are all under protection. Most buildings that are removed are those from this century, but the others are kept for preservation. Our town is in sections: the very old part, the more modern part and the part with the villas from the industrialists. It is a small town compared to New York or Boston.


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