FOWC with Fandango: Tapestry

Tapestry, Bedroom, Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen

Tapestry is something that reminds me of the olden days when the lady of the house, usually a lady that knew nothing about housework, because she had her servants, would sit in the light of a candle in the evening and sew her tapestries whilst the men would do whatever they did in the evening. Strange really, it was always the women that were busy with a creative task and the men probably just smoked their pipe and cigarette or were in a gambling den. I found this tapestry, the only tapestry I know, in our local castle, so it seems that they were busy in the evening. I used to knit and crochet before my computer days, but never really got down to tapestry. I would probably have a finger looking like  pin cushion if I did.

Ornament Garden Feldbrunnen 31.08.2018

On a wheelie in my chair in my village I happened to see this artistic effort on a garden wall. It was a simple glass ball reflecting the contents of the garden over the wall. Just seeing it was nothing special, but after taking the photo and enlarging it I realised it was a little work of art. Of course the ladies in the olden days did not have cameras, just mirrors.

Art surrounds us. Nature paints its own pictures and weaves its own tapestries.

Tree 31.08.2018 (2)

Just a plain tree with a background of a stormy sky is a work of art. And the big bird sitting on the branches? That was the surprise I got when I uploaded the photo. No tapestry is perfect and it is the flaws that make them so unique.

FOWC with Fandango: Tapestry

5 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Tapestry

  1. I used to have a real passion for the Bayeux tapestries — the ones with the trapping of the white Unicorn. They have a reproduction of it hanging in New York’s medieval museum, The Cloisters — which is a real medieval cloister that was moved to New York from somewhere in (I think) France. I used to go there on Sundays to look at it while (fake) Monks wandered the building, chanting. It was a great Catholic experience for a total non-Cathholic.

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  2. I was wrong. It wasn’t the Bayeux tapestries were about the conquest of William over England. The Unicorn Tapestries are called (are you ready?) — THE UNICORN TAPESTRIES! I should stop trying to be so clever. It just makes me look stupid.

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    • I grew up with the Bayeux tapestries in our english school in the history lessons with 1066 an all that, so not something unknown to me. Of course I never saw them as I have never been to Normandy. I have never heard of the Unicorn tapestries I must admit.

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    • I have never done tapestry work, but used to knit in the evenings or work on crochered covers for the beds. The kids grew up and I no longer needed to knit for them, the computer and writing took over and today my hands would not manage such delicate work.

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