16 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 04.09.2018 Pelargonium

  1. As sI grew up, I learned that a geranium is a type of pelargonium, rather than the other way around. I actually like pelargoniums more than I do geraniums, which are almost a weed in this part of the world.

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    • ‘Geranium’ is a separate genera that is commonly known as cranesbill (or perhaps “stork’s beaks”). ‘Pelargonium’ is the genus of the perennials that we commonly know as geranium. I learned that the common ones were zonal geraniums, or simply geraniums, and that those in the picture were pelargoniums or Martha Washington geraniums. I do not know why. No one else seems to either. Really; makes no difference. I still grow them, and the zonal geraniums are still some of my favorite perennials.

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