RDP Monday Prompt: Labour

Bipperlisi workers 30.08.2018

It is always labour day on our railway tracks
The men in orange are ready to go
One does the work, another gives the orders
But work goes to and fro
They park the van at the side of the line
Just when I wanted to pass
I approached in my wheelchair, the space was very small
Should I move onto the grass?
And then the man giving orders gave a little laugh
“There is plenty of room for the chair”
I changed my steed down to gear number one
And I told him I really do not dare
Have no worry, if you fall
We will do our best to help
Lifting a wheelchair and me as well
Might result in me having to yelp
And so I went slowly, inch by inch
I held my breath on the way
Finally I did it, I was out in open country
I did not have to stay
After I wheeled on and took a glance back
they were labouring with their bin
I shook my head and marvelled at their logic
the work was done, we all had a win

RDP Monday Prompt: Labour

5 thoughts on “RDP Monday Prompt: Labour

    • My electric wheelchair is only for movability if I want to go places. After recent shopping experience I am now seriously thinking about a manuallly driven wheelchair that I can fold and put in the car


  1. I use those handy electrical carts when I’m shopping. Sometimes they don’t fit in certain aisles, and sometimes people seem to resent the space the cart needs. Well, their day is coming. I do appreciate the stores that provide the carts for those who need them.

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