Good Morning

Horse 31.08 (1)

Awake and ready to go, not exactly but I am on my way and now sitting outside in the fresh morning air. Perhaps the horse’s head might be a wake up. Actually it is one of my oddball photos, but there is no longer an oddball as the challenge is being paused for the time being. It has got to be a habit with me to take photos of strange objects, or closeups and what could be better than a horse.

Must be getting the Autumn touch now, as I am wearing a knitted jacket in the morning outside, but I am not freezing. My fingers stay warm on the keyboard. He who will not be mentioned returned to bed, after all it is Sunday. What’s a Sunday? Golden Oldie days are the same every day, we just have to adapt to the situations of the others. No shopping on Sunday because the shops are shut and there are church bells ringing in the background.

Franziskanerkirche 30.08 (2)

There are enough churches surrounding us to make noise. This one is the Franziskaner church in the local town of Solothurn. It is not Roman Catholic for a change, but so-called Christ Catholic (if that is the right translation). It does not have the pope as the boss, but otherwise everything more or less remains the same according to me. Not being in the club I am not so much into details, just have fun taking photos. It used to be a monastery, but that was some time ago, although we do have a monastery in the local town. I used to see the monks now and again walking around in the town, but I think they have modernised their dress a little and they no longer look like monks.

Morning Crow

So here I am outside, minding my own business, and suddenly there is a loud call. I look up and see Mr. Crow sitting on the roof opposite giving a speech of caws. I even managed a quick photo, although only with my telephone camera which is useful for an immediate snap. 5 minutes later he is still there, but shifted his position and keeping his beak shut.

I did not go anywhere yesterday, decided to make it a day of rest from wheeling around taking photos everywhere.  I still have 98 photos on the camera which I should get rid of. The weather was not so friendly although we had no rain. Today is the same and if the rain stays away I might venture out into the unknown this afternoon.

Path Feldbrunnen 31.08.2018

This is one of my wheelie paths in the village. To the right is the entrance to the cemetery and straight ahead I arrive at the stables and the chicken coop. On the left would be the local castle. Yes, we are in the middle of an action packed village. Now and again you meet a long distance runner (in the distance) or even a dog, not to mention a cat who has discovered something of interest in a field – animal wild life. The crops have now been mowed down and the crows are now on their foraging expeditions.

Crows 31.08 (2)

Just heard an apple crash to the ground from the tree – we are endanger of being crushed by apples.

And now I am on a foraging expedition to find the dust etc. in the apartment with my trusty vacuum cleaner and mop. I also have some ironing to do and a lunch to serve for Mr. Swiss, No. 1 son and me, so life goes on. I am not sure if I will be here on Monday morning. I must bring Mr. Swiss for a medical examination at 7.30 in the morning and afterwards I will visit the supermarket for the daily shopping. I will then pick him up 1-2 hours later and eventually arrive at home. I hate these early morning things.  On  Tuesday my cleaning lady is back again from her holiday and No. 2 son will call in with wife and grandson as they will be on a visit further in Switzerland and we will be the halfway house for lunch. Life is sometimes full of excitement.

So today will be a nothing to do day, except for my housewife duties, but we golden oldies have nothing better to do. Relax, take it easy and have fun – will be back lateer with more news from the outposts of Europe.

Echinacea 31.08.2018

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Well, I got MY bathroom cleaned and the covers on the sofa changed and the vacuuming is done. Garry did his shower but the rest of the room needs serious help … and as soon as I can collect myself, the kitchen floor awaits. I’m frightfully tired and I don’t even know why. Too much happening? I feel like I’m fading fast.

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    • I have my little daily routine which inusually finishes by 9.30 and then I go into the shower. Today would have been an exception as Mr. Swiss should have a medical examination at 7.30 and I would bring him. Everything in the conditional as he had a stomach problem in the miüddle of the night and he has called it off. I will be glad when we get this whole thing behind us.


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