RDP Saturday: Robot

Road cleaning machine

I am the robot and I am steered by the daily routine
Leave your bed, make breakfast and then begin to clean
The computer needs you also to write a word or two,
I can fit it in somewhere, my breakfast I still chew
A quick look at the mobile phone, it used to be a clock
But our robot life is digital, where did I put that sock
In between I try to dress. I really should work faster
Plug in the vacuum cleaner, avoid a domestic disaster
The cat meows she wants her food, there is no time for me
No time to visit the toilet, not even for a quick wee
And now it’s time to prepare the lunch and peel potatoes galore
Save time and cook in the microwave to avoid them being raw
Vegetable comes from the freezer, a packet of carrots and peas
Slice the meat an fry it fast. I have a family to please
“Is the food cooked well enough? No? I forgot the salt?”
I apologize profusely, my brain must be getting wrought
After lunch I switch myself off to let the batteries renew
But soon the duty is calling, it is time to clean windows too
I thought I could allow some “me” time, but I have to bake a cake
I am expecting guests tomorrow, and will do it for their sake
At last the day is over, but there is still the evening to come
No time to watch the television, a robot has no fun
I think someone mentioned ironing a shirt, but from me he got no peep
The armchair had wrapped its arms around me, this robot was now asleep
Housewife robots everywhere, my wise words you should heed
To get the genuine sense of my text, you should read it at warp speed

RDP Saturday: Robot

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